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Huntington Disease Africa

Huntington’s disease Africa, is the continent’s flagship Huntington’s disease advocacy body. Its Headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya. There could never be a time better than the present to launch an organization that illuminates the invisible HD population that comprises Sub-Saharan Africans.We at HDA are keen to ensure that work in our Sub-Saharan community starts and gains momentum. Our goal is to attract high quality research, create awareness, engage policy makers and bring our long lost population closer to others like itself worldwide.


Transform the lives of patients and their families as we shift the conversation towards an Africa free of Huntington’s Disease.


Spearhead work on Huntington’s disease in Africa that will result in high quality research, engagement of policy makers, heightened awareness, training of professionals and care for affected individuals.

Volunteer for HDA

We are a community organization built by the people for the people. We welcome professionals to volunteer their time and expertise to HDA.

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